the skyline story

a skyline for every situation


Skyline was started by Cantabrian Ernest Lindsay Cook (Lin Cook) in the early 1950’s.

Lindsay Cook was a house builder who had a vision of producing quality garages at affordable prices.

Skyline was the original mass producer of garages in New Zealand.

Lindsay Cook started Skyline in Auckland, and the first advertised use of the name “Skyline” was in the New Zealand Herald in March 1956.


Lindsay Cook’s most innovative feature was the Skyline packaging.

The entire building is contained in a timber box for easy transport.

All components of this box are used in the construction of the building.

It is common for customers to comment “a timber box has turned up, where is the rest of the garage?”, only to be amazed that it’s all there.


The concept of Skyline is to create attractive buildings that withstand the harshest conditions.

All Skyline garages are custom designed. (Lots of customers think that they are pre-made, and kept on shelves)

Each building can comprise of up to 1000 components.

Each building is produced to customer requests.

The original Skyline garages were made with fibreboard cladding, and wooden panel doors.


Skyline has become an iconic household name throughout New Zealand.

Skyline has also become the generic name for this type of building, often referred to by media commentators and Prime Ministers alike!

Over 150,000 Skyline buildings have been produced for the New Zealand market.

Skyline is an iconic part of New Zealand’s landscape.

Skyline buildings have been exported to over 40 countries around the world, including diverse places such as the Falkland Islands.